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    Load many websites at once. Modify background and web link colors for easier reading. Web Stacker allows you to add a very large comma separated list of websites and then surf them all at the same time. The app is also optimized for tablets allowing for versatile control.

    An interesting feature is the ability to watch videos while continuing to surf other pages using the "preview window" feature. Also the audio will continue to run while you leave the app and multi-task. This makes for a great multi-tasking app.

    When a page is fully loaded, the page will bounce slightly as a notification.

    a sample list you can enter will be found at the end of this description !. But its a comma separated list. for example,,

    You can do quick searches on all your loaded site. Makes it alot faster to go to a site then using traditional browsers.

    But you can enter in a comma seperated list of thousand of sites, this is only an example of usage.

    other highlights: Added Text to speech (TTS) feature so that you simply highlight and copy the text you want to hear and select the option for TTS. The TTS feature also queues up other copies so while your listening you can copy more info into the clipboard and tap the TTS feature to add it to the queue. Never have to read a website again.

    I'v'e added the ability to change from a navigation mode where you can browse quickly through all the web pages or a standard view. Basically i've applied a tab optimization to the phone devices as well to optimize space.

    Sometimes it can be very hard to identify links on a normal web page. This tool allows you to change the color of all web links to identify them easier. Also you can change the color of the very first layer(background) of a website.
    You can navigate in tablets easier. But in phones, go to the add screen and click the item you want then return to the navigation bulk browser and it will move to that item. Long press on a item in the list to remove it individually.

    This is a beta test as if this is in demand i'll add more preferences, just notify me of requests.

    Sample List:

    Visit this site to get a sameplist or just to see how to enter the data :

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