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    With this application you can mount any directory on your phone, including memory card, as a drive on Windows or Linux. You can also use a WebDAV client to browse a phone directory.

    This application has been tested using Windows8 Explorer (should also work with Windows7 but it will not work on WindowsXP) and WebDAV client bitkinex. You can download it from

    Special thanks to: Beatriz Vera, Peter Ulrich, Gabor Fodor, Manuela Merino García and Anna Rainieri.

    Implemented Intents

    You can find a lock setting to specify how the device should be kept awake while server is running. There are three modes available:
    New locks used
    *SCREEN_DIM_WAKE_LOCK : Existing mode. Screen is on so energy consumption is higher. Use this mode if connections is dropped.
    *WIFI_MODE_FULL : New mode. Screen is off so device will use less energy while server is running but data connection can be dropped. It is not recommended to use this mode.
    *WIFI_MODE_FULL_HIGH_PERF: New mode only available on Android >= 3.1. Screen is off so energy consumption should be less than in the first mode. This mode is recommended to save energy but you might find problems so you might to select default lock mode.

    How to connect with WebDAV server using USB cable:

    This can useful when you have USB cable and no network available.
    1) On your phone go to Settings->Applications->Development and set option "USB debugging".
    2) Connect your phone to your PC using USB cable.
    3) Start adb server. On your PC run command "adb start-server".
    adb is a program that you can find on android sdk. Usually you will find it on android-sdk\platform-tools\adb.
    4) Forward needed ports from your PC to your phone. On your PC run command "adb forward tcp:8080 tcp:8080"
    With this, any connection in your pc to will be forwarded to your phone in port 8080.
    5) Run WebDAV server in your phone, open settings and in "Network interfaces" select "Loopback ("
    6) Start WebDAV server.
    7) In your PC connect your WebDAV client to (port might be different, it depends on your WebDAV Server configuration).

    Permissions needed:


    Network permission to enable server to open network communication with WebDAV clients.


    Enables WebDAV server write received files from WebDAV clients on sdcard.


    Keeps phone wake only while server is running. If phone is not wake WebDAV server can not be accessed.

    Problems with big files:

    If you have problems handling big files it might be due to a limitation in Windows webdav client. You can try the following to increase the size of files that Windows webdav client is able to manage:

    1) You have to turn on BasicAuth via regedit to allow accessing the App's server by username and password.


    2) You have to change Window's limit to file size when using the integrated WebDAV client.


    3) Restart windows.

    This allows file sizes up to 4 Gigabytes handled by the client.

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    Muzaffar Hussain

    by Muzaffar Hussain

    Aug 02, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    Since you cant anymore mount internal storage as drive letter this software does it and its really superb ???

    A Google user

    by A Google user

    Jul 28, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    Works fine for what I need it for - namely to sync files between my Android phone and my desktop. Easy setup.

    Jonathan Amaya

    by Jonathan Amaya

    Jul 26, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    Perfect. That will help. Even works to windows 10.

    Christopher Thompson

    by Christopher Thompson

    May 31, 2017  |  "Good"

    Tried it on new andriod it works but only if no username and password. Is there any risk anyone can access my folder online even on WiFi setting?


    by isu1992

    May 07, 2017  |  "Poor"

    Wanted to use this to create backups of my sd card every so often. Each time I try to copy, all the different sync programs say "file in use" what good is it if I can't sync

    Martin Malec - Brozkeff

    by Martin Malec - Brozkeff

    Apr 22, 2017  |  "OK"

    Cannot bind to all interfaces or WiFi when in hotspot mode