WhatsApp Statistics & History

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    ✩ WhatsApp Statistics & History ✩
    A smart tool for searching WhatsApp message through *ALL* conversation and viewing WhatsApp chat history.

    [[[ News ]]]
    ★ Don't miss chance. 2013 promotional price @ 0.99USD

    [[[ Features ]]]
    ★ To search ALL WhatsApp history conversation by keyword and date. Then you can see the matching chatroom.
    ★ Detail Statistics on WhatsApp group conversation and individual chatroom, showing the number of sent and received on the following types: text, images, video, audio, contact card (vcard), location.
    ★ View conversation in page mode and allow you to custom the number of message shown on one page. Without repeatedly clicking "Load earlier message", it is the most easiest way to view it.
    ★ Support viewing all emoji, including the new emoji, likely named "Emoji 2".
    ★ User configurable setting to show Emoji by Android system font instead of graphical presentation.
    ★ Copy WhatsApp history message into clipboard by long click on message.
    ★ Previous named "WhatsApp History Searcher" @ v1.0.1

    [[ Root Permissions ]]
    ★ You will need root permissions for crypt7 files.
    why root? The key for decrypting crypt7 databases must be retrieved from /data/data/com.whatsapp - this needs root access.

    [[[ Upcoming Features ]]]
    ★ Different presentation style on conversation, i.e. iPhone and IRC.
    ★ Statistics Widget
    ★ Export Message

    ★ User need to having a backup of whatsapp chat message. And then import via "WhatsApp Statistics & History" in order to work.
    ★ At this moment user need to manually import chat message into the app in order to keep the chat database updating.
    ★ Email for problem/inqury, we will try our best to communicate with you. Just placing comments then we have no way to assist/help you.
    ★ Please change the external storage in option if your device contains build in external memory, e.g. Samsung Galaxy S3, Note II, Motorola Droid.

    [[[ Guide ]]]
    ★ Import before using, click menu button and choose "Import" from menu.
    ★ Type keyword and hit search, then wait and the matching chatroom appears. Tap on the chatroom to view conversation.
    ★ Tap the arrows on the bottom screen to find the next or previous matches.
    ★ You need to update the database by import the message again.

    [[[ Trademarks ]]]
    ★ WhatsApp is a trademark of WhatsApp Inc.
    ★ This app is not affiliated with or endorsed by WhatsApp.

    [[[ Keyword ]]]
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