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    Where Was I? records your location periodically, without draining your battery. It works perfectly together with latitude: With latitude enabled 'where was I?' will help it gathering much more data. However, you may choose to disable latitude if you'd rather keep your data local on the device. We think that 'where was I?' gives you more interesting ways to look at your data.

    'where was I?' is an automatic diary, based on your locations. Doesn't your life get so busy that you simply lose track of all the places you've been? Do you promise yourself to keep tabs in your journal but always let it slide after a few weeks? Read on - we have the answer!

    'Where Was I?' is a new kind of location tracker that is designed to always run in the background with minimal impact on the battery.

    Where Was I? collects interesting stats about all the places you've been! You can point to a place on the map and the date and time where you were last there just pops up. How long where you there? Where did you go next? What on earth did you do two Saturday's ago? In short ... where does the time go and what are you doing with it?

    Start using 'Where Was I?' today and get a grip on your life!

    Technical stuff:

    This is not a path tracker like 'MyTracks'! The GPS is only turned on at selected intervals.

    'Where was I?' keeps your data stored locally! We don't transmit your data anywhere.

    Define important locations by long pressing "locations" in the browser. The more information you add, the more interesting the statistics will become.

    After installation, please give the app some time to collect locations. It may take a day or two until 'where was I?' unveils it's full power.

    - tracks your whereabouts and keeps your data private
    - tracks the cell towers you've used
    - export your data to google earth
    - always on, starts on boot

    Please read below for an explanation of the permissions used:

    INTERNET: This is necessary for reverse geocoding. (i.e. finding out the address of a location.)

    CHANGE_WIFI_STATE: location tracking is much faster and far more reliable with wifi switched on. 'where was I?' needs to be able to switch on WiFi while updating the location.

    ACCESS_WIFI_STATE: is used to set the wifi state back.

    RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: used to start service if device has been restarted.

    WAKE_LOCK: We need to hold a wake lock to reliably track in the background.

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