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    What do you do when you lose your smartphone? Panic? Cry?

    With Where’s My Phone, you’ll find it in no time!

    All you have to do is tap a few buttons, and the app will do all the work! Never worry about losing your phone again!

▼Main features
    ★ Receive location information and photos by email
    Receive emails with the lost phone’s location information and photos from the phone’s cameras!

    ★ Check if the phone’s screen has been unlocked
    If somebody finds the phone and unlocks the screen by tapping the unlock button, photos will be taken and sent to you by email together with the location information.

▼How to use
    ★ To use Where’s My Phone, please install LINE Antivirus on your phone and enable the use of location information beforehand.
    You can download LINE Antivirus here:

    ★ Set up the Where’s My Phone service in LINE Antivirus so you’ll never have to worry about losing your phone again.
    1. Enable the Where’s My Phone feature in the settings of LINE Antivirus.
    - Go to Settings in LINE Antivirus and select Where’s My Phone.
    - Enter an email address to receive the location information and photos when your phone is lost.
    - Select the frequency at which you wish to receive the location information and photos when your phone is lost.

    ★ When you lose your phone, find it with Where’s My Phone.
    1. When you lose your smartphone, login to Google Play using the same Google account as the one used on the phone, find Where’s My Phone, and install it to the lost phone remotely.
    - How to install an app remotely: Login to Google Play ( > Search for Where’s My Phone > Click INSTALLED > Select the lost phone from the drop-down list next to SEND TO ANOTHER DEVICE > Click INSTALL
    2. The current location of the phone and photos taken with its cameras will be sent to your registered email address at the selected frequency.
    3. You will continue to receive these emails until the phone’s battery dies completely.

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