Whois Pro

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    Whois Pro is a Network suite that allows you to perform the following functions:

    - Whois client for the verification of domain TLD 71.
    - Queries a host and returns all the IP addresses associated with it.
    - Ping command
    - Traceroute command
    - Scans TCP / IP port on a host
    - Scans the IP addresses on the LAN, and returns if the IP is in use.

    - Whois client
    The application is able to verify and return the status of the domains.
    Input: domain name and extension
    The software returns:
    In the case of already domain registered, it returns the records in the DB of a contacted nic .
    Otherwise, it returns the string domain is available or not permitted in the case of domain names are not allowed.
    The software supports IDNs (Internationalized Domain Name) for the domain names of (recently introduced)

    Input name of a remote host: ex
    The software returns:
    All IP associated with it (one or more addresses)

    Input: Host name or IP address, if reached, it returns the response time in ms.

    Input: Host name,
    Returns all nodes, and their response times, which can be crossed to reach the remote host.

    TCP / IP Scan
    Input host name or IP address and a port
    Returns if the port is available or unavailable.

    Local IP
    Returns the local IP, and all IP that are in use on the LAN

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