Wi-Fi Info Widget




    The widget is designed to enable/disable Wi-Fi adapter and display the state of the current connection.

    Data updated as changes in the state of the Wi-Fi adapter.

    When you click on the indicator "Network availability" (launching widget configuration activity) displays the current connection state and obtained parameters (scan results, DHCP-assigned addresses from the last successful DHCP request). The receiver of the widget can be pushed out of memory for some time, the last received data is displayed.

    • displays the state of "network availability";
    • indicator of the cellular data network connection;
    • option turn off the Wi-Fi adapter when device reboot;
    • option enter a password to connect to a secured Wi-Fi network;
    • ability to quickly switch between the previously configured Wi-Fi networks;
    • ability to remove a network from the list of saved networks;
    • start scan for access points;
    • ability to change the border color of the widget (for Android 2.2 and above);
    • ability to change the horizontal and vertical size (for Android 3.1 and above);
    • ability to change the widget text size (for Android 4.1 and above, button "More...").

    Permission "Location" (network-based) is used to obtain the results of scanning available networks (for Android 6.0 and above). You must enable location on the device.

    Cyclic Update Mode (sync with timer) is intended for the adapter's testing and operates prior to version Android 4.4.2. This mode is not recommended for prolonged use the widget.

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