WiFi Neighbour Pro

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    WiFi Neighbour Pro

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    Android file share,android folder share.
    All android devices in the same Wireless LAN share files and folders easily and quickly.
    "WiFi music direct play" is: one of devices can directly play music which in others' devices!

    This app is the paid version,No Ad.

    This app is a powerful easy file browser and resource share application.
    It realized rapid file share in WiFi LAN,it also realized WiFi music direct play fluently.
    All devices in the same LAN can share files and folders. WiFi Neighbour Pro is similar to network neighbour of PC,but WiFi Neighbour Pro can move anywhere.

    Please invite your family members,your friends,your workmates,even strangers to feel happiness together,you can share musics,videos,documents,photos and games with them,you can also use WifiNeighbourPro to manage your many android devices.

    Main Function list:
    1. WIfi Neighbour Pro constructs Wifi LAN for android devices which are phones and tablets.
    2. You can see all devices list which in the same hotspot LAN,and browse share files and folders of each device,and then copy the desired file or folder to your device.
    3. Realized Wifi file rapid share,share file or folder has password protection,it means you do not leak your secrets when you connected into public free hotspot.
    4. Wifi Neighbour Pro has inner share service. it supports high speed file or folder transfer,and it supports "Resume Broken Transfer".
    5. Wifi Neighbour Pro has all functions of file manager:copy,cut,paste,delete,rename,compress,uncompress,create a new file or a new folder,send,property and so on.
    6. Wifi Neighbour Pro realized Wifi music direct play,which means you can directly play musics in others devices.
    7. Now Wifi Neighbour Pro supports 255 devices connected as a LAN,and supports 50 devices copying file from a same device at the same time.

    Warm Tips:
    1. If WiFi music direct playing is interrupted,please press menu,select setting,adjust WiFi music direct play buffers value.
    2. Please keep WiFi alive when screen locked in system settings.
    3. Maybe you can use one device which has WiFi AP function as a hotspot,all other devices which running WifineighbourPro connect into the hotspot.The device which has WiFi AP function maybe is a wireless router, phone,PC,tablet and so on.
    4.You can freely use WiFi Neighbour Pro at any place. Zero traffic,you can also use WiFi Neighbour Pro without SIM Card.