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    Wifi password Sniffer/Hacker

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    Wifi password cracking is the ideal app that simulates gaining access to WiFi networks.If you found a network and then you need to know its password it is the ideal app for you. In a few short steps by running an automated script of the Wifi password cracking will find the password. wifi password cracking needs a deep knowledge of network infrastructure and foundation of encryption and decryption algorithms. Through in-depth study of the the BT4 source code, and the code is ported to android platform, real
    Now android platform wifi password cracking. Quickly crack wifi password realize the free Internet.
    The software implementation of the principles and characteristics:

    1.Using the RC4 stream cipher algorithm as a pseudo-random number generator algorithm to generate crack.
    2.the Vector IV and WTP key combination to produce seeds.
    3.By ARP packets and IP packets intercepted encrypted wireless network package.
    4 KSA loop 256 times, the inverse launched a single-byte key.
    6. Statistical projections key bytes, select a high probability projections key bytes combination, then verify WIFI key.
    7.For weak signal connection, by increasing the the NICs transmit power, improve the Ethereal stability and capture efficiency.

    ★ ★ ★ TIPS ★ ★ ★ 

    ✓ Press the crack button to hack the network of choice.
    ✓ Choose the network you want to crack by selecting it from the list.

    ✓ You can scroll the -mobile console- to see the contents and progression of the script.
    ✓ In the next window press -start- to begin hacking the network.
✓ An automated script will be run, accompanied by step and progress description.

    ✓ To pause the automated script just enter the main menu.
✓ You can cancel it at any point by pressing the -cancel- button.

    ✓ Once the hacking is complete the password is revealed.

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