Play popular PC games via your phone with WiFire!
    Try a new game experience! play just like Wii or PlayStation, more fun and realistic game.
    Just download this application and the computer-side application(link below) and start playing!
    WiFire have a special user interface that allow you lot of actions like shoot, aim, walk, run, change stances, hit, throw grenade...
    How to play?
    First, download WiFire computer-side application from here:
    In this program you can define the keys for specific game(default keys for Call of Duty 6 and 4 avilable as default, but you can define keys for any other games).
    Next, in your phone write the IP address of your computer and click connect(you can see your IP in the computer-side app, in the top of the screen).
    Now you can start Playing!
    rotate your phone to look around(or use the right side in beginner mode), move the phone fast forward to hit, or upward to jump. rotate the phone to the left or the right to lean left/right.
    You have to connect to your computer's network WiFi, if you can't connect try to disable the firewall.
    It's may be difficult for the first time, adjust the senitivity, and practice ;)
    Recommended for smart phones with large screen and accurate sensors. Presence of a magnetic object or iron may affect the sensors.
    Please tell us about bugs, comments or suggestions for the next version:

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