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    This app connects Wii Remotes with your smart phone. It provides functions such as:
    * motion alarm: You can use it for baby monitor, security system etc. Compared with other similar apps in the market, our app requires only ONE phone, not TWO! For baby monitor, you can put Wii Remote in the crib and watch TV in another room. The phone will beep when your baby gets up and makes movements. Even in completely dark room, it works well.
    * real-time monitor: the app can display Wii Remote movement on the phone in real-time.
    * data collector: it generates records when alarm triggered. It can also collect accelerometer and gyroscope sensor data samples from all Wii Remotes. You can mount Wii Remotes on human body or objects to record the movement. System with similar feature can cost you 100x more even with less portability.

    With Wii coupled with smart phone, sky is the limit for its applications. If you discover new usage of this app or desire some new features, please let us know at We will be glad to serve.

    It works with up to two Wii Motionplus。

    In free version, one monitor session lasts up to 10 mins without file generation enabled. With file generation enabled, monitor session lasts up to 1 min. Upgrade to pro version to remove all monitor session time limits. Pro version is also ad free.

    1. The machine has its limitations. For critical tasks such as baby monitor, please don't outsource all the responsibilities to the phone.
    2. The Android bluetooth function does not support Wii. We have to create our own bluetooth function. Because of that, this app may not be supported by some vendors.
    3. This app won't work with Wii Remote without Motionplus option. It only works with genuine products made by Nintendo.
    4. The app relies on bluetooth connection. Bluetooth's range is about 30 feet. This app will be unreliable when the range gets larger.

    This app can't be used in:
    HTC phones with sense UI, Samsung Galaxy phones such as Verizon Charge and at&t infuse.
    Because of "rooted" phones, these devices are not excluded from app installation.

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