-Task Switcher
    -Recent Task Switcher
    -Memory Optimizer
    -Application Launcher
    -Fully Customizable
    -Tools Widget
    -3D Interface
    -Easy to use
    -Running Process Viewer
    -Multiple Effects


    The idea of this application is to provide you the opportunity to manage the applications of your phone. Window3DManager has the following functions:

    The Running Task Switcher, which displays the currently open applications and gives the user the possibility to open it or put it on hold. Sometimes when we are using an application, we want to open another without closing the current one, for that Window3DManager has a shortcut on the phone status bar, which opens over the current application, in order to open another application without closing the current one. There’s three ways to do that:

    -Through the Recent Task Switcher, which as its name implies, shows the recently opened applications.
    -With the Running Task Switcher.
    -And finally with the Creator of Tasks, which displays all the applications installed on your phone, and it has the ability to open one or more of these at once.

    There’s a Tools function, which allows us to enable or disable a system configuration such as data traffic, wifi, etc with a single click. This feature can be opened from the application itself or with a widget that can be added to the "Home Screen". This tools helps us to speed up the process of opening an application.

    The Window3DManager Memory Optimizer, which allows us to choose whether we want to close an application that is running or put in a wait state, the last one releases the resources consume of the application and these resources reintegrate to the system when open it again, this help the application to open faster.We can also choose whether we want to put an application on hold or closed.

    Instructions for Use

    A click on the Window3DManager shortcut , show the Running Task Switcher, which the applications can be opened with a click or can be pressed for about three seconds to put it on hold. We can also slide the screen up to open the manager Window3DManager functions, down to open a view of the Running Task Switcher on a Grid form, and to the right and left to see the running applications.

    The Recent Task Switcher and the Tasks Creator are easily accessible with the function manager of Window3DManager or pressing the menu button of the phone. In this functions by simply pressing the application icon, it will open the application or selecting the "check box" in the case of the Tasks Creator.

    System tools can be enabled and disabled with one touch in the icon. In addition, to entering the second screen tools you have to slide your finger up.

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