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    Word2Link is an advanced, fun and easy way to access your favorite websites, blogs, articles, videos or any other url of your choice by using your own customized word or phrase!

    If you use your mobile device to access the internet - you will find Word2Link as an extremely useful tool for navigating and accessing any web site.

    By using Word2Link you will not need to waste time on searching again for that video you liked, an article you may visit again, a youtube video or any other web page on the internet!

    By using Word2Link you will be able to access sites from any computer or mobile device anywhere without using or being depended on favorite lists or bookmarks.

    Simply, choose your desired website ,video or any other url, register a related word for it and you’re done!

    By using our W2L shortcuts – you’ll be amazed to see how easy it gets to access all of the popular and most visited sites on the internet, with a simple keystroke, like never before!

    you’ll be able to customize any (available) word of your choice to any of your desired website, blog, video clip, article, image or any other existing url on the web.

    Our service is free of charge.

    You can choose any available word, words or sentence and register it to any web site, page, video or image.
    Please refer to our terms of service to see what words will not be accepted in the W2L system.

    How do I access my site using W2L ?
    You can access your site via the text area box in the top of Word2Link site’s pages , type it directly in the W2L shortcut Mobile App or in the Toolbar that you can install for free.

    Can I use a space bar within my own word ?
    Yes you can.

    What types of characters will not be recognized in W2L?

    You can use any letter, digit , space bars and dashes. (for example “dog training” will be a different W2L than “dog-training”) as well as upper commas (for example : Johnny’s site).

    What is a W2L Shortcut ?
    A W2L shortcut is a 1 or 2 letters to type in order to instantly access into a preconfigured popular website without the need to access bookmarks or typing the complete url.
    For example, hitting “a” will direct you instantly to amazon’s website.

    more FAQs at website.

    the list of shortcuts already available :

    Shortcut WebSite
    A Amazon
    B Blockbuster
    C Craigslist
    D Delta
    E Ebay
    F Facebook
    G Gmail
    H Home Depot
    I Google Images
    J Jcpenney
    K Kmart
    L Linkedin
    M Myspace
    N New York Times
    O Orbitz
    P Paypal
    Q Word 2 Link Shortcut Table - 1
    R Flickr
    S Southwest
    T Twitter
    U US Airways
    V Victoria Secret
    W Wikipedia
    X Apple
    Y Youtube
    Z imdb
    AA American Airliens
    AB Abc News
    AC Acer
    AD Adobe
    AI Air Canada
    AL Alaska Airlines
    AM American Idol
    AO AOL Mail
    AS Apple Store
    BA Britihs Airways
    BB BBC News
    BI Bing
    BL BlogSpot
    BN Bank of America
    BS Best Buy
    CR Cars
    CB CBS News
    CI Citibank
    CN CNN
    CS Costco
    DI Disney
    DL Dell
    DN Dunkin' Donuts
    DO Cnet Download
    DP Domino's Pizza
    DR Dropbox
    EH Eharmony
    EX Expedia
    EZ EzineArticles
    FN Fox News
    FR Flickr
    FX Fedex
    HB HBO
    HL Hilton
    HM Hotmail
    HP HubPages
    IG iGoogle
    GA Google Apps
    GB Google Dashboard
    GD Google Docs
    GE Google Earth
    GI Google Images
    GT Google Translate
    GM Google Maps
    GP Google Play
    GS Google Adsense
    GW Google Adwords
    LR Lyrics
    MP google maps
    NF NetFlix
    NG National Geographic
    NY The New York Times
    OG Olive Garden
    PF Plenty of Fish
    PH Pizza Hut
    PT Petco
    QQ Word 2 Link - Shortcut Table 2
    RL Red Lobster
    RY RyanAir
    SB Starbucks
    SP Spirit Airline
    SR Sears
    TG Target
    US USA Today
    WL Walmart
    WP Washington Post
    WR WordPress
    WS Wall Street Journal
    WU Western Union
    YH Yahoo
    YM Yahoo Mail

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