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    As a qualified office clerk, we should try hard to finish all tasks with the least time.

    If you are also one of them, Working Clock will help you to make it all the time.

    --Why we say so?

    1. Working Clock is a working time recorder tool for android.

    2. It allows users to record working time duration for very task or work.

    In other words, it can keep an account of how long the job takes.

    3.In this way, you can know how much time you spend on a certain job or task. Gradually, you will try to decrease the time consumption and improve your efficiency consciously or unconsciously.

    This is right the function of this app.


    This app is quite easy to operate.

    >>Open it and click Menu-Add Project to input your task or job name into this system;

    >>Then tap this task to start your recording;

    >>After you finish your task, tap this task again to stop recording.

    In this way, you can get a complete recording for a certain work or job, from which you can clearly how long the job takes.


    1. This app may be implanted with notification ads or icon ads.

    2. Please do not forget to deactivate this app after you open the screen lock to delay the screen off time in Device Administrators of Settings.