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    WPAmagickey. Key generator WPA-PSK Network default 'WLAN_XXXX' and 'JAZZTEL_XXXX' for Comtrend routers with initial BSSID '00: 1D: 20:' and '64: 68:0C:', the Zyxel routers with initial BSSID '00:1F:A4:' or the ESSID changed.

    The main features are the wifis Network scanner, dictionary generator with the key or WPA keys and access to open networks 'WLAN_XXXX', 'JAZZTEL_XXXX' or the ESSID changed.

    Grant version includes more features, including these new features are included Zyxel router, the dictionary generator for WPA key networks ESSID modified by calculating the WPA key from BSSID. Besides the on / off button, turbo mode to speed up the wireless network scanner. It also keeps the list of networks obtained and audited.

    On the basic functions of scanner, autoscan contains fast and slow, normal scan on demand, types of networks to search, types of encryption to look, sound to warn of open networks 'WLAN_XXXX', 'JAZZTEL_XXXX' or the ESSID modified a network connection status and a description of networks.

    Are connecting to open networks by clicking on the open network. It also keeps the list of networks obtained redes.txt generating a file in the root scard through the menu.

    Once you select a network 'WLAN_XXXX', 'JAZZTEL_XXXX' or the ESSID changed the WPA key is generated and opens a dropdown with 2 keys for your choice, the choice of the type of Red 'Mixed' always generates 2 keys from BSSID of the network. If the key selected in the drop coincides with the network key, and we made the 'audit' a WPA-PSK network.

    Generate a data dictionary on the network with name 'Dic_WLAN_XXXX.txt', 'Dic_JAZZTEL_XXXX.txt' or 'Dic_ESSID.txt' at the root of the scard to select a network to form 'WLAN_XXXX', 'JAZZTEL_XXXX' or the ESSID changed. It is also possible that none of the generated keys is that good or can not associate with the network.

    Version 1.6 is used in api 4.

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