X11-Basic is a dialect of the BASIC programming language with graphics capability. It has a very rich command set, though it is still easy to learn. The syntax is most similar to GFA-Basic for ATARI-ST. It is a structured dialect with no line numbers. A full manual and command reference is available.

    GFA-programs should run with only a few changes. Also DOS/QBASIC programmers will feel comfortable.

    This implementation is one of the fastest basic interpreters for Android. Programs can be compiled into a platform independant bytecode.

    You can directly type in commands and formulas, which are beeing evaluated. This way the interpreter works also as a pocket calculator. It supports complex numbers and big integers.

    Launcher shortcuts can be placed on the desktop to directly excecute BASIC programs.

    Basic programs can be written with any (third party) text editor.

    The BASIC programs must be placed into the bas folder (/mnt/sdcard/bas). You can find many more example programs on the X11-Basic homepage:

    X11-Basic will only work on devices with external storage (SD-Card or such).

    The latest and recent up-to-date update can be found and downloaded from the homepages:

    The WRITE EXTERNAL STORAGE permission is needed to write to the file system, The COARSE and FINE LOCATION permissions are needed to get the location with the GPS commands. The INTERNET permission is needed for all of the internet i/o functions to work.

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