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    XBookmarks is a resizable, scrollable and sortable browser bookmarks/history widget that provides quick access to your favorite web sites directly from your Android home screen.

    - list of bookmarks and/or browsing history with title, URL and icon
    - open a bookmark in default browser with one click
    - launch default browser (without URL)
    - sort bookmarks/browsing history by title, URL, date created, date last visited or number of visits
    - support for 3 different row heights (normal, smaller and larger)
    - define settings per widget instance

    You can have multiple instances of widget and on each have different settings.
    Example: one widget can show only bookmarks sorted by title and other can show whole browsing history ordered by date last visited in smaller rows so there can be more items visible.

    Default widget size is 4x4, but you can resize it from 3x3 to anything your device supports.
    App is visible in widgets list only. It requires permission to read your personal data (only bookmarks and browsing history).

    Adding widget to home screen: long-press on empty space on your home screen, select Widgets and then select XBookmarks. Widget should appear on home screen.
    If your device does not support adding widgets in this way, select Apps icon, then Widgets tab, find XBookmarks on the list and select it.
    Note: to add a widget you must have a minimum of 4x4 empty space on your home screen

    In future versions widget will include bookmarks manager.

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