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    Easily manage Xexun and most clone TK tracking devices.

    **Recommended by Xexun**

    Supports TK102, TK102-2, TK201, TK201-2 and most functions of other TK and clone devices. See for a list of supported functions and devices.

    No restriction on the number of Trackers you can configure each with user friendly name and Icon.
    Tracking information is stored in a database on the phone and any time period can be replayed on the map.
    Alarm information is shown clearly on the map with colour coded areas and position pins
    Comprehensive status screen showing current position and colour coded alarm and condition information for any designated tracker.
    Summary devices screen shows summary alarm and setting information for all configured trackers at a glance.
    GPS positions can be exported to a data file for additional analysis in Excel/Access etc.
    Click on a map pin to access other installed map providers. E.g. Google Maps, Google Earth, AlpineQuest, Google Street View etc. You can use this feature to access get turn by turn instructions from your current location to your TK device.
    Comprehensive help & troubleshooting screens.
    Excellent Support (check our feedback)
    Advert and nag-ware free

    Main screen contains four simple Tabs:-

    Track – allows single button update of position by SMS or phone call. Shows Device’s position data including geocode address. and GSM cell tower position when available. Simple colour coded status information shows the mode of operation and any alarm status at a glance. Alarms generate colour coded icons in the phone status bar instantly highlighting critical problems.

    Devices - shows a simple summary of each configured device together with any relevant status and alarms. Tap any device to show the map, setup options or kick off a position update via phone or SMS.

    Trips – Allows you to define and replay the historic map position data for any Device. A default trip can be set for a device to, for example, always show the last 24 hours of data on the map.

    Map– Shows each position response as a numbered pin on a satellite or street map. Pins are colour coded by type (e.g. SOS, movement alarm or Low Battery) and also by age – Pins received in the last 15 minutes are shown as Green and older as Blue. Low GPS signal conditions are flagged on each relevant pin. Coloured overlays allow you to easily see the extent of each active alarm zone and cell tower directly on the map. Touching a pin displays all the GPS information together with any geocode data available. This can be sent directly to other installed map applications e.g. Street View, Google Maps/Earth Use this with Google Navigation to get directions from current position to the selected pin. You can also send this information to anyone via email, SMS Facebook etc. The recipient can use the enclosed Google Maps link to display the Device location or get walking/driving instructions.

    * Not all models & clones support all alarm modes and functions. Please refer to your device documentation.


    TKMon supports many clone TK devices. We have done extensive testing of several clones (thank you to all the beta testers) but given the number of different clone devices available, there may be some commands that do not always work as expected. If you have a clone and TKMon is not managing it correctly then please contact us at and we will do our best to support you.

    *** Your satisfaction and positive feedback is very important ***

    We have worked hard to develop TKMon. We want you to enjoy using it and leave us positive feedback. If you have any problems with TKMon, please contact us directly ( before leaving negative feedback. We can't fix problems we don't know about and we promise to work hard to resolve all issues with TKMon and hopefully earn your approval.

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