Yeppp! CPUID




    Provides detailed information about your CPU:
    * CPU architecture (ARM, x86, or MIPS)
    * CPU vendor (e.g. ARM, Qualcomm, Intel, MIPS)
    * CPU microarchitecture (e.g. ARM11, Cortex-A9, Atom, XBurst)
    * Minimum and maximum frequency
    * Number of logical cores
    * Supported instruction set extensions (e.g. NEON, VFPv4, SSSE3, MIPS3D)
    * Size of level-0, level-1, level-2, and level-3 caches.

    This utility would be helpful is you want to learn more about the processor in your phone or tables or if you consider installing software which demands specific processor features.

    Note: The utility detects the CPU core which should not be confused with SoC (system-on chip) name. For example, nVidia Tegra 3 SoC uses ARM Cortex-A9 CPU cores, and the utility will report ARM as vendor and Cortex-A9 as microarchitecture. Similarly, some Qualcomm systems-on-chip have CPU cores designed by ARM, and for such systems the utility will report ARM as the vendor.

    If you are a software developer, and want to use the same functionality in your app, visit for a free (and open-source) Android library.

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