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    Brings the YubNub command line to your Android device. Provides a YubNub search bar widget for your homescreen.

    YubNub has specialized commands for many different sites in the web. Want to look up a movie review, type "imdb movietitle" to search the popular online movie database. If you happen to want to look up something in the Indonesian Wikipedia try "wpid keyword". And there are thousands of more commands (use "ls keyword" and "man command" to learn more about other commands). And if there is still something missing you can even go to and create your own commands.

    This sounds great, doesn't it?
    See to find out more about YubNub and learn how to integrate YubNub in all your devices and browsers. Once you get used to it, YubNub will transform your web experiences!

    The YubNub Command Line app is available under the GPL v3 from (the YubNub artwork is available under the Free Art Licence).

    This app depends on the web service which is not maintained by the developer of this app - by selling this app I do not guarantee the continuated availability of The Yubnub server has sometimes problems, so please retry later when it does not work.