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    This application is designed to show the user some of the most common knots that are used regularly by outdoorsmen, tradesmen, fishermen, travelers and so on. Knowing how to tie basic knots is a skill that you will use throughout your lifetime. With some practice you will be a proficient knot tier in no time and will never struggle to secure a load, moor your boat or tie up your dog again! Another nice thing about knowing how to tie a proper knot is that you can always untie them! No longer will you need a knife to “untie” your bad knots!

    "What Knot?" features;

    - over 20 different useful knots
    - over 200 high resolution color images
    - detailed picture sequence of each knot for step by step tying
    - knot terminology explained
    - detailed information of each knot
    - history of several knots
    - advanced knot viewer with detailed instructions of each frame
    - auto play with adjustable playback rate for hands free knot tying

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