ADR Dangerous Goods

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    Handling dangerous goods or hazardous materials in your work? Ever needed to look something up but didn't have the ADR book at hand? Look no further!

    Due to historical and technical reasons, this app has for many years existed as two identical apps with the exact same name and features. Now we want to make it easier and less confusing for our users, and have therefore begun migrating existing users to the other app.

    This can be easily done within the app, but for new users we recommend installing the other app directly, since this one will eventually be unpublished.

    Click here to install the other app

    This app contains a searchable database with all substances in ADR 2017, as well as functions to guide you through mixed loading, amount/points calculations, tunnel codes, and more.

    ADR 2017
    Quickly find any substance in the ADR system
    Save substances in a list
    Automatic amount/points calculation
    Automatic mixed loading warnings
    Reference information about:
        • Tunnel restrictions
        • Limited quantity
        • Classes and labels
        • Mixed loading
        • Hazard identification numbers

    English, swedish, german and danish

    Our app is one of the most advanced, highest ranking and longest existing ADR apps in the market. Since 2012 we've been providing an app that is tailored to the specific needs of professionals working with ADR in their daily jobs - truck drivers, logistics planners, warehouse workers, chemical engineers, etc.

    We've kept our app up-to date and correct through all major ADR versions - ADR 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2017 - and continue to update it when new regulations are published, so you never have to worry that the information is obsolete or incorrect (unlike most free apps and websites).

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