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    Berlin is a fantastic city for public transport and if this is your first visit then you are in for a real treat. The transport authorities have created one of the most efficient, clean, safe, punctual and low cost public transport systems anywhere in the world. For just 35 Euros you can travel direct from Shönefeld Flughafen (airport) and go anywhere in the city (night or day) on the S-Bahn (mainly overground), U-Bahn (mainly underground) and any of the tram services (mainly in the east of the city) for 5 days without spending another cent.

    The stations are clean modern and very easy to navigate (even if you don't speak German) especially as they work on a trust system and hence have no ticket barriers to hold you up (Transport For London please take note). The trains and trams are clean, modern, roomy and frequent.

    This unique map is drawn by professionals and is the only map available with both the U-Bahn, S-Bahn and all the Tram services on one map. Riding the trams in the east is a great way to see and appreciate that part of the city.
    Travel Tip - There is lots to see and do in Berlin and we think it is fast becoming the European city to visit but if you really want to make the most of it then make sure you get yourself a "Berlin Welcome" travel card at the airport and along with this app you will be ready to travel anywhere in the city.

    Colourful clear map with major geographical features and places of interest. Unique to this app the map also shows the route of the old Berlin wall so you can better understand how the city was once divided.
    View the map, look up places of interest, plan your journey, etc all without an internet connection.
    Another unique feature is the "Minute Map" feature which provides a view of travel times to any location on the map.
    Route text itinerary with step by step instructions so you can easily locate the platform and train or tram you need.
    Easily locate your nearest transport stop.

    OVERVIEW The Berlin Metro - Map and route planner by Zuti makes it easy to travel in and around Berlin using the S Bahn (mainly overground), U Bahn (mainly underground) and any of the tram services. The application contains a professionally drawn map and route planner with many unique features.

    MINUTE MAP The unique Minute Map feature provides a view of travel times from any location on the map. This is helpful for getting a sense of scale and connectivity of the transport system and can provide some interesting results.

    ROUTING The application does not require an internet connection and will always be available to display a clear and detailed view of the city transport systems, plus list and animate the optimum route for your journey.
    Comprehensive details of your planned route are provided, including “direction”, “towards” and “service frequency” information (not available on any other offline journey planner) for example “Take the U2 towards Ruhleben for 14 mins (5 stops). Service runs every 5 minutes” which is essential when finding the correct platform and direction. Also given are alternatives for each leg of the journey.

    NO INTERNET CONNECTION REQUIRED The map and routing do not require an internet connection and you will not be charged data connection fees. This means the application saves on battery power and runs perfectly underground, on an aeroplane, etc. For international visitors to a city who have data roaming turned off this is an ideal solution.

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