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    No one likes to be tracked and these days it sometimes feels like too many social, mobile and web services forget about respecting individual privacy. We on the other hand DO respect your privacy.

    Understanding our impact on the environment is tough. CarbonDiem tries to break the deadlock in how it automatically identifies your modes of travel by studying your speed, location and pattern of movement to then build your unique transport carbon profile. Crucially the app does all this without sensitive location data having to leave the phone.

    Whether travelling by air, road, tube, train, bicycle or foot, you can monitor your emissions just by taking your phone with you. You don't have to enter any data - the app does it all for you.

    When you register, you can specify your primary road vehicle, be it car, bus, motorbike or bicycle. This then becomes your road transport, but you also have the option that you can override manually with cycle too at any time.

    We've tried to find a balance between usability, low power, personalisation and accuracy in trying to solve the problem of measuring transport emissions. The permissions requested are exclusively to improve user experience and power management.

    A NEW feature makes editing the travel list and journey legs possible by pressing a mode icon, time stamp or distance. Also you can now tag journeys as business (briefcase) and personal (deckchair) in the travel list view.

    The app permissions explained:

    * Your Location: The app uses your speed, pattern of movement, and location to identify transport mode. Location and route information does NOT leave the phone and is deleted within Android guidelines (50 fixes, less than a week).

    * Network Communication: This allows the app to transfer a backup of your carbon emissions data (without any location or route information), so that your emissions history can be automatically reloaded onto your phone if the data is wiped by an OS upgrade, ROM flash, or new firmware, for example. It also allows the app to update the way emissions are calculated with any improvements.

    * Phone Calls: The app DOES NOT access the phone number called or address book. It uses the phone identity to reload your emissions history if your data is wiped (by an OS upgrade, ROM flash, or new firmware, for example) without having to identify you personally. It also checks to see if you are using your phone, because it helps the app be smart with power management.

    * Storage: CarbonDiem modifies files on the SD card in ONLY the CarbonDiem folder. These are the files it uses to show you your emissions history, for example.

    * System Tools: To make sure the app doesn’t miss a journey even when your phone’s in your pocket, it occasionally wakes the phone up for a very short time to figure out how you are travelling. It DOES NOT stop the phone from going back to sleep.

    * Your privacy is assured: location data never leaves the phone (unless volunteering to improve the service), and your emails details are never shared with third parties.
    * Full functionality in Europe
    * Global functionality limited to air and road travel
    * No requirement for data roaming

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    This version has been tested on:
    Samsung Galaxy SII
    Samsung Galaxy SIII
    Nexus S
    HTC Desire
    HTC Desire S
    HTC Desire HD
    HTC One X
    Sony Ericsson Xperia
    LG Optimus One
    LG Optimus G
    Please let us know how it works on your model.

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    * Also known as Carbon Diem

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