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    Car Log Free is a small app to log and keep track of the fuel consumption of the personal "car fleet".

    It allows the tracking of multiple cars and is able to provide statistics about the mileage, average fuel-consumption and total fuel-consumption.

    Depending on the user's selection, the app will present this data in numerical form or through pie-, bar- and line-charts.

    As this is the ad-supported free version of CarLog, a few special permissions are required to enable and show the ads. None of these permissions are requested in the paid version of CarLog, nor will the free version make use of these permissions for any other reason than displaying the personalized and localized ads. If you'd rather like to use the app without these permission-requirements, please install the paid version of CarLog.

    The permissions required for the ads are:

    - Full internet access (to download the ads)
    - Access network state (to check whether there is a network-connection available)

    The screenshots provided here and on are all taken from the paid app, not from the ad-supported free app. They are the same (as in "both apps have the same functions, the free version has no limited functionality at the moment - this may change in the future), with the only difference that on the ad-supported free app there are ads displayed on a few, but not all activities (screens).

    Please see for more information.
    There is also a user-manual (with more screenshots) availabe here:

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