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    “Rides, and Car Cash, and Points, and Perks, oh my!”. With more features than any other transportation app in the world, we come bearing gifts (many).

    The Carmel app is where 35 years of ground transportation experience meet the latest technology. Booking a car, taxi, or limo made easy. The ride is safe, fun, and rewarding (yes, rewarding). Need a ride? Just Carmel it!

    • Comes with $36 ($6 X 6 trip types) free Car Cash to use immediately.
    • Sign in via Facebook or with your Carmel credentials.
    • Personalize pointer with your picture inside.
    • Book a car On-Demand, or for later like no other app on the market.
    • Quick access Airport button displaying the three airports closest to you.
    • Receive a binding quotation prior to your ride taking place.
    • Easily post your trip to your smartphone calendar.
    • Receive information about the driver, the vehicle, and the regulatory body it is licensed by in each city we service.
    • Watch your car as it approaches.
    • Rate your driver
    • Earn Carmel Points when using Carmel
    • Earn Airline Miles for each ride
    • Enjoy Carmel Perks all over town
    • Select "Auto-Charge" and we will never ask you for your credit card information again.
    • Automatically store your favorite addresses and favorite trip for easy future bookings.
    • Provide an In Case of Emergency (ICE) number and be informed of all apps activity by your loved one.
    • Ask and receive a special discount in any city we service even if we are not currently promoting it.
    • Spread the word about Carmel and earn Car Cash.

    The Carmel App gives you access to the best fleet of affiliated vehicles anywhere in the world at unbeatable prices.

    The Carmel App - Don't leave home without it!

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