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    Published: 2013-09-12, by Ana Gracia.

    Use this protection shield and forget about the phone while you're driving

    • Easy to use
    • Too simple, could have more features

    "Don't text and drive"

    Distract Shield is an application that tries to minimize your distractions while you're driving, so you're fully concentrate on your task.

    How does it work? The app will automatically activate itself when you're going over a set speed and you can choose the most important features to adjust: select the speed at which the app will activate, choose whether you want GPS o Network Triangulation, select a set and time date to turn it off and finally choose to silence the phone so you won't be bothered at all.

    You Are One Studios is the developer of Distract Shield free version and the premium one, which allows you to activate automatically text response and password protection.

    The app takes a little bit to activate itself but we feel like it's too simple. You could just easily turn off the sound before driving, that's not really an effort. Plus, the most useful feature (automatic text response) is only available in the premium version.

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    by Anna , Appszoom

    Sep 12, 2013


    Distract Shield software helps you limit your distractions while driving with minimal intrusion and maximum customization!

    Distract Shield Free will automatically activate once it detects you going over a set speed and can do the following based on your selections:

    1. Silence the phone.
    2. Select the speed at which you would like Distract Shield to activate, either in Miles/hour or in Km/hour.
    3. Choose whether you want Distract Shield to use your GPS (more accurate) or Network Triangulation (less power) for determining your speed. (Please note Network Triangulation is notoriously inaccurate at times so your mileage may vary when using it). GPS is on for roughly 3% of the time Distract Shield is running, so battery drain should be minimal.

    NEW** - Time Mode - Set a date and time you want Distract Shield to automatically turn off.

    Distract Shield has been designed to use as little resources as possible while maintaining a watch on your current speed. Once you have gone below the minimum activation speed for 5 minutes, Distract Shield will automatically restore your device to it's original settings.

    Get the full version of Distract Shield to also do the following!

    1. Automatically respond to texts.
    2. Password protection - set a password to prevent stopping and uninstalling of the application.

    Activation: Distract Shield will turn on after traveling for around 2 minutes above the activation speed, and will turn off after around 5 minutes of travel ling below the activation speed.

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