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    EcoDrive Speedometer is a unique GPS speedometer allowing you to save your fuel, time and also enhancing safety. Besides, it helps you to avoid penalties and reach the destination first!
    The motion efficiency indicator on the base of velocity, speedup and elevations analysis, permits you to correct your driving style and reduce fuel consumption in real time.
    Personalized audio warnings help you to keep maximum speed allowed and not exceed it, at the same time keeping an eye on the road and saving your time.
    EcoDrive Speedometer is a powerful and handy instrument.
    All useful indicators are on the main screen, thus allowing you to control the elapsed distance, time, acceleration, height, maximum and average speed. You can switch between indicators of maximum and average speed, haul and time of various periods with a single touch.
    All the speedometer functions are available in a background mode too, even when the screen is off, while the speedometer window shows the speed above other applications (i.e. navigation software) and can be in every point of the screen*.
    EcoDrive Speedometer is supported all types of overland, aerial and naval transport and also all sports, where speed, distance, time and acceleration are important. Walking, bicycling or mountain skiing - anytime and anywhere you want to know speed or altitude/distances you overcome, how long your workout lasted, you cannot do without EcoDrive Speedometer.

    The main unique features:
    • Versatile scale of analogue speedometer
    Customizable manual or automatic 1-1000 ml/h (km/h) scale limit
    Customizable indicator type (an arrow or a bar)
    • Digital speed indicator
    • System of units options
    • Indicator of instant and average fuel (energy) efficiency for various time frames
    • Audio warning of overspeed (three customizable parameters)
    • Floating (overlay) speedometer window over all other applications
    • Background mode
    • Extended statistics for various time frames* and user's counter
    Overall time
    Running time
    Stop time
    Maximum speed
    Average speed
    Average efficiency
    Maximum acceleration and braking (ml/h per sec or km/h per sec)
    The highest and lowest points of the track (above sea level)

    Good luck on the roads!

    * In free version, "floating window" option is available for 7 trial days.
    * In free version, the statistics for some periods is not available.

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