Green EGear - Save Gas

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    Using Green EGear Efficiency Monitor consistently will
    decrease your fuel consumption when driving your car or other vehicle as well as lessen wear and tear.


    * Instant Driving Efficiency Readout
    * Works in all vehicle types - gas/petrol, diesel, electric, hybrid, or LPG
    * Miles or Kilometers Operation
    * Fully usable in any position - portrait or landscape
    * All Views will work properly in Small, Medium, and Large resolution displays (small to large phones and tablets)
    * Built-in GPS monitor/optimizer - keeps your GPS system running at optimum efficiency - even for other GPS-based apps
    * Full Help provided
    * 4 Different Efficiency Views
    * Instant Speed Readout
    * 2 Different Speed Views
    * Configurable Speed Dial
    * Super-accurate Speed sensing - more accurate than most vehicle speedometers
    * Fully programmable Speed Notification using synthesized speech in different languages (not all languages may be available in your phone)
    * Trip History with Sharing Option
    * Utility Map with GPS Location and Optional Satellite View
    * Simulation Mode - supplies test data to demonstrate operation
    * Context-sensitive Help
    * Troubleshooting Hints

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