Independent Courier




    Independent Courier is an app created for all those who wants to be a courier with the help of our website "".This app is build to track the position of all the registered drivers,
    Which helps us to display drivers to the person who want send parcel.

    * You have to register yourself to use this app.
    * Log in using registered email id and password.
    * Then select radio button "Available". Radio Button "Available" is selected by default.
    * Then fill route details and Press "START ROUTE" button.
    * Now your tracking is started and app sends your current lat-long to server
    * As your tracking start it displays you message And after clicking on "OK" button application goes to background directly.
    * If You want to go to home screen then click "Home" button
    * You can stop tracking By Opening application from recent list & Pressing toggle button which displays "STOP ROUTE".