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    More than 2,800 sites on August 1st, 2015.

    For the French territory, take a look on a map of car washing stations in the immediate vicinity, with their level of equipment.
    At launch, the map is automatically centered on your last known location and car wash centers around you are represented by signs.
    You are assisted in choosing a car wash:
    - The remoteness of the panel in relation to your position is representative of the distance to reach the car wash
    - If the car wash belongs to a network, the panel is the trademark logo of the network ; particularly useful if you have a pass to this network
    - Clicking on a panel displays a description:
    the name and location of the site
    the level of equipment: the presence and quantity of high-pressure bays, automatic rollers, vacuum cleaners, automatic touchless bays.
    - Clicking on the description adds the following additional information (if possible):
    full address of the site
    a link to launch the Google Maps Navigation for guidance on the way to the car wash
    opening hours of the car wash or shopping center
    telephone and email address as hyperlinks

    The geographical scope is automatically adjusted to present a reasonable amount of sites, depending on the density of stations nearby. You can then zoom in to better target locations.
    You can also check stations around a different location, for example in anticipation of moving ahead, dragging the map and asking for a refresh of the panels.
    A button allows you to center the map on your current position.

    You can participate to:
    Declare new sites
    Correct and enhance existing sites
    A form to be completed is proposed. Even faster: take photos.

    A guide function is available: designate the site where you want to go and let be guided on a map.
    You are in trouble with map reading and your sense of direction makes everyone laugh?
    No problem: follow the direction suggested by a direction arrow and see on the meter the remaining distance.

    The car wash stations shown are independent sites and sites that are part of a network (distributors, franchises), such as: Éléphant Bleu, Total, Intermarché, Géant Casino, Esso, Roullé Propre, American Car Wash, etc.

    Supported languages: English and French.

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