Leave On Time

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    Live in Christchurch?

    Use the environmentally responsible, convenient, and comprehensive bus service?
    That's right.

    Want a simple app that tells you when _your_ bus is going to arrive at _your_ stop?

    Want to pay the minimum amount - like FREE.
    Hell, Yeah!!

    Leave 0n Time is the app for you. Download it!

    Next on the list to add to this fantastic product:
    * Alerting you when your bus is about to arrive
    * Adding a system for supporting other cities, and then adding some. Such as
    - Auckland
    - Wellington
    - London
    - Bristol (we have friends living here ;) )
    - maybe San Fransisco ?
    * pretty-fying, like deciding when a time should change color

    Want to jump on a bandwagon about where we go with this product?
    Perhaps you just want your city included?

    Let us know at: