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    "My DC Metro" provides arrival times for Metro trains and buses operating in the DC Metropolitan area; never again rush to a station or bus stop to only see that the next train or bus will arrive in 15 minutes. With My DC Metro, you will always know the arrival times for your favorite stations and bus stops.

    With the Metro entrances and WMATA bus stops maps, commuters will know the quickest way to access the WMATA system.

    With the newly added "Alerts" tabs, you will always be informed of all Metro rail and bus delays & alerts allowing you to make the appropriate transportation decision. Additionally, elevator and escalator outages are provided for your favorite stations.

    With "My DC Metro", anyone will be able to quickly navigate the WMATA Metro system like a seasoned veteran.

    No network connection while travelling between stations, no problem; "My DC Metro - Rail" will immediately start estimating arrival times based upon the previous update; and once the connection is restored, "My DC Metro - Rail" automatically retrieves new data from the WMATA server ensuring that your information is up to date.

    "My DC Metro" preserves your battery life; when no data has been display for 15 minutes, the app shuts down automatically.

    "My DC Metro - Rail" provides the following features:
    * Displays arrival times for your favorite stations
    * Displays Metro rail delays and alerts
    * Displays elevator and escalator outages
    * Displays Entrances (including elevators) locations for the Metro System
    * Provide an Adobe PDF format map of the Metro System.
    * Provides an adjustable update rate (15, 30, 60 seconds) via settings
    * Provide a Help Display explaining primary functionality

    "My DC Metro - Bus" provides the following features:
    * Displays arrival times for your favorite bus stops
    * Displays WMATA bus alerts and delays
    * Displays bus stop located within 1/2 mile of your current location
    * Provides the ability to add bus stops via the bus stop map

    Known issue(s)
    * Terminal stations do not display predicted train arrival times. Researching a work-a-round at this time.

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