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    Don't worry about Your station or destination place. This program take care of It. The all what You need to do is pick on the map a place or select from the list of saved places and then set alarm. And You can safely read, play, listen music or sleep. At the distance of 500 meters (by default) the program will start to play the selected ringtone.

    The program will remind You of the arrival at the destination. Just set destination place on the map and turn on the alarm clock. The program will track closer to Your goal and will notify You of this.
    Suitable for all kinds of transport on the Earth surfase.
    Can be used without internet connection. Just select the previous place of destination from the list.

    Also Passenger GPS Alarm can save a car parking place, a hotel place and so on. You will never get lost in the trip!

    Use the "Follow" at the main menu to find and retain the current position. Please click on the "Do not follow" to view other remote locations map.
     To create a new destination choose the "Set target" and then stick to the desired point on the map.

     Additional features:
    - Specify multiple destinations simultaneously and display them on the map
    - For each point of the destination You can specify a ringing tone, and also set the alarm distance.
    - Easy to find a destination on the map - select it from the list and from the context menu, click on the item "Show target".
    - When using the Economy GPS mode the power consumption is reduced. At the approach to point of the destination application automatically sets more accurate positioning.
    - Vibrate (disabled by default).
    - To quickly turn off all destinations go to the main menu in the Destination list and select "Turn off all"
    - The list of melodies can get from tunes that were phone calls.
    - Alarm case in decreasing and increasing of distance
    - Tap to open a contex menu of the current location or the point of the destination on the map
    - Backup and restore the list of destinations
    - Long vibration time
    - Popup alarm message window, also in the closed screen
    - You can press the VOLUMES or BACK buttons to turn alarm off.
    - Language selection
    - Compass

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