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    Smooth Parking is the best guide to street parking in NYC. We make it easy to find street parking and save your parking spot. In New York City we also have discounted garage parking!

    Just enter how long you need to park for and it will show you where you can legally park on a street. Smooth Parking has the most accurate on-street parking database, and it is the only app that takes into account street parking holidays. The app will even show you which street spots are metered (blue lines) and which street spots are about to become legal (yellow lines). If you see a yellow line you have a very good chance of finding an open spot on a street because parking is not yet legal there. The map can rotate in the direction your car is headed, so you can easily see the parking restrictions and which side of the street they apply to.

    Smooth Parking is the only app that can save your spot on the street with one click and automatically find the parking restrictions. It will even notify you when the legal parking time is up.

    In order to see street parking information you will need to be subscribed. Your first month will automatically be free, and you will not be charged if you cancel before the end of your first month. Your subscription will remain free if you contribute to the SmoothParking community by reporting 10 open spots a month. To report open spots just click on a line on the parking map and then click on the info window and then you will see the option to report open spots. Even if you report that the street is full (0 open spots) you will still get credit for contributing.

    Garages have been added to the parking map in and around NYC. All of them offer a guaranteed spot and a discounted price for Smooth Parking users. No need to make a reservation and pay in advance, we will give you a guaranteed spot. The guarantee is solely for your benefit. The guarantee does not obligate you to go to the garage, but if you go to the garage you won’t be turned away.

    * Shows open spots on streets in real-time (currently showing very limited amounts in NYC)

    Currently works in New York City, Hoboken, Milwaukee, and parts of Washington D.C. with more places on the way.

    We aim to make your parking experience as smooth as possible!


    * Find parking with an intuitively colored parking map
    * Filters to select parking features (such as 2hr meters or 6hr meters)
    * Guaranteed garages at discounted rates (NYC)
    * Knows about Alternate Side Parking restrictions and suspensions
    * Parking Holiday aware so the app gives you the correct parking information even on Holidays and Snow Days
    * Click to save your spot on the street and the app will automatically find the parking restrictions
    * Automatically receive notification when parking time is up
    * See your saved spot on the street even when you're offline
    * Get directions to your saved spot and share the spot with as many friends as you like
    * Automatically save your spot on a street when you disconnect from your car's bluetooth
    (choose your car's bluetooth in the settings page)

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