NOTE: I am a lone hobbyist developer, and I have fallen out of love with this app. If the current version works for you, great. If it doesn't, I'm afraid I'm unlikely to update it any time soon. If you can find a developer with interest, the app is open source:

    Have you ever fallen asleep on a train and woken up at the end of the line? Or got so engrossed in your game that you missed your bus stop?

    WakeMe@ is designed to be the electronic equivalent of hanging a sign round your neck saying "Please wake me at Nuneaton", but instead of relying on strangers it gets your phone to wake you with an audible (or otherwise) alarm, using GPS or any of your phone's location providers. The alarms are highly customizable, and the app gives you the ability to create home-screen shortcuts for one-touch alarm activation.

    Some of the benefits of WakeMe@ over its competitors:
    * Lets you use cell network location provider
    * Lets you choose any location, not just searchable ones, and save a particular radius with it
    * Very highly configurable alarm, including synthesized speech
    * Optional warning if the device loses GPS or other location signal

    Note that this app is only as reliable as the location provider in your phone, so I can't be held responsible if it doesn't work. However, I have tried to make it as reliable as I can (after all, I use it myself).

    WakeMe@ is open-source:

    A basic user manual and other stuff is available here:

    Bugs can be reported here:

    WakeMe@ is still beta, and I would be grateful of all reports of how well it works (or, indeed, doesn't work) on all devices. If it doesn't work for you, please email me! I can't follow up if you just leave a review below!

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