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    英国の味 Bon Appétit - for Japanese tourists
    When on holiday, have you ever gone into a restaurant looking forward to a lovely meal only to be faced with a foreign menu that you don't understand? If so, you will love Bon appétit. It is just the app for you.

    It will help you to understand most of the dishes that appear on menus in restaurants, hotels, cafes and snack bars in Britain so that you can decide what to eat.

    You will not have to spend your holiday living on pizza and cappuccino because those are the only items on the menu that you recognize.

    On your smartphone you type a few letters from any dish on the menu and it will display the names of all dishes containing those letters, each with a brief description in English telling you what it is - not a list of ingredients nor a recipe, but just a couple of lines telling you enough to help you decide whether you want to try it. If that dish doesn't appeal to you, just type the name of another dish.

    The app covers most of the common dishes in the cuisines of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. It also includes many less-common dishes and those served in university refectories, school dining-halls and factory canteens, as well as dishes that are eaten in the home.

    Of course, it cannot cover every dish and cannot be exhaustive as hotels and restaurants often create their own special dishes and make up their own fancy names. Some chefs like using abstruse culinary terms that you have never come across, just to impress you, even though it has the opposite effect and is nearly always counter-productive.

    Letters in square brackets at the end of each description indicate the country where the dish is most likely to be found on menus. The number in brackets indicates the course when the dish is usually served, such as (1) = starter, ((4) = main course, or (5) = dessert and so on. Pressing your Help button will remind you what these codes mean.

    Before you go abroad you can have fun deciding what dishes you would like to try. It is a great way to spend time at the airport waiting for your flight. Decide what desserts you would like to try in Scotland or find out what interesting fish dishes they serve in Ireland.

    More dishes will be added in future releases, as well dishes from other European cuisines. If you have a reasonable knowledge of English you will find the European version of Bon appétit valuable as it includes dishes from many cuisines.

    The exe files can also be supplied on their own to educational establishments for installing on their network. Please email us for details.

    The app is equally useful to business travellers, to holiday-makers, to teachers who work abroad or attend project meetings and to students on exchanges or work-placements.

    Our hope is that the app will encourage you to try new dishes, extend your knowledge of food and experience the delights to be found in other cuisines.