Spaces and places accessible to people with reduced mobility, located using augmented reality and real-time geolocation to provide information about where and how far away the selected accessible and adapted point of interest is to be found. Other points of interest displayed include reserved parking, ATMs, petrol stations, health centres and entertainment venues that have the minimum accessibility requirements.

    Accessibility, an application promoted by FAMMA and supported by the Vodafone Spain Foundation, is an initiative to meet the needs of people with reduced mobility to locate accessible spaces and places.

    FAMMA has for the most part managed and / or verified the information available in the application for POIs (Points of Interest) with the following exceptions:

     Information marked as reported by users and not tagged by FAMMA.
     The position information for the stops on the lines of the EMT (Municipal Transport Company of Madrid), which has been provided for use, but is not FAMMA content.

    Upon selecting the Star icon, the POI will be added to Favourites, thus allowing rapid access to those places most often used by the user.

    The application works both outdoors and indoors, although in the latter case, as is logical, data precision decreases as GPS data reception worsens.

    112; If the mobile device receives a heavy impact or there is a sudden deceleration, the application will offer to connect with 112 in case it would be necessary to contact emergency services.

    The Federation of Associations of People with Disabilities of Madrid (FAMMA-Cocemfe Madrid) is a non-governmental not for profit organization that represents more than 45,000 people and has been declared a of public interest by the City Council of Madrid and by the Spanish Ministry of the Interior.
    FAMMA is a member of the State Coordination Confederation of Disabled People of Spain (Cocemfe), the Bureau of Accessibility of Madrid, the Advisory Council for Social Welfare of the Community of Madrid, the City Council on Disability, the Council for Promoting Accessibility and Barrier Removal of the Community of Madrid, the Advisory Council for People with Disabilities in the Community of Madrid, of the Federation of Volunteers of the Community of Madrid (Fevocam) and is a member of the Committee of Institutions of Representatives of Persons with Disabilities (CERMI Madrid), of which it is a founding partner.

    The Vodafone Spain Foundation is a private, not for profit organisation that aims to improve the quality of life of vulnerable groups through information technology and communications. The foundation collaborates with various entities, both public and private, on technologically innovative projects and their application to improve autonomy, independence and social integration for all people.

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