Adristorical Lands




    Adristorical Lands offers a new travel experience for your visit to the historic towns, theatres, castles and artist's houses in the County of Ravenna.
    Thanks to augmented reality (AR) stories and anecdotes are presented in a way that is both intuitive and fluid while showing the tourist new and useful suggestions.
    Lots of useful information to help you get to know the area. Ideas and suggestions to make the most of wat the area has to offer ranging from cutural and historical information to local products, historic shops and workshops, news and events and the most convenient places to park.
    Augmented reality provides a fascinating and immersive experience by allowing you to view your surroundings together with the information ypou need to understand and explain what is being viewed:
    - Points of interest (POI) appear on the screen showing both direction and distance as well as providing the details necessary to explore them (contact details, opening hours, parking, images, historic shops and workshops in the area, local products, ...)

    - you can also search for POIs and view them on a map.
    - audio guides can be activated manually or configured to start when you approach a POI.
    - you can view local news and events and you can ask to be notified of any news as it arrives.
    - share the things you like with your favourite social networks

    The Adristorical Lands APP has been produced with the financial assistance of the EU, IPA Adriatic Cross-Border Cooperation Programme.

    Project carried out in collaboration with Data Management PA Solutions.

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