AIA New Orleans Architecture

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    New Orleans is a visual feast of architectural cultures, styles and influences begging to be discovered. The city boasts a unique atmosphere that cherishes architectural roots while celebrating life in the midst of national treasures.

    Explore New Orleans architecture from 1700 to the present with this easily navigable App, authored by the New Orleans Chapter of the American Institute of Architects. This survey of architecture picks the best architecture from the establishment of the trading fort on the Mississippi river to innovative structures built after Hurricane Katrina passed over New Orleans in 2005 and the Federal levees failed, flooding more than 80% of the city.

    This app includes multiple sorting features including eras of construction, neighborhoods, and building types. Or, just find out what is nearby with the GPS-enabled mapping features.

    ★ About the Author ★

    AIA New Orleans is a non-profit organization comprised of 500 professional architects, and is a component of the national organization of the American Institute of Architects whose membership includes 88,000 professional architects worldwide. Founded in 1911, AIA New Orleans' mission is to represent, educate and serve the architecture profession and entire community as concerns the built environment.

    This Guide to New Orleans Architecture was developed by the 2011 AIA National Convention Committee, chaired by Creed W. Brierre, FAIA, NCARB. The Guide Committee includes co-chairs Angela Morton,AIA and Jessica Walker,Assoc. AIA. Committee members include Amy Garrett, Assoc AIA, Elizabeth Chen, Jay Seastrunk,AIA, Jill Maumus,Assoc. AIA, Joseph M. Lavigne,AIA, Julie Babin,AIA, Michael Ball,Assoc. AIA, and Robert Swan,AIA.

    AIA New Orleans Staff: Executive Director Melissa Urcan, Maya Hensley-Lapham, Michelle Martin, and Eliana Thompson.

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