Alabama Civil Rights Trail

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    Visit the birthplace of the Civil Rights Movement and experience the history that forever changed the world. You may have heard the stories, but visit Alabama and walk in the same steps as civil rights leaders. From the last slave ship to enter America through Mobile to the Montgomery Bus Boycott, U.S. Supreme Court cases, "Bloody Sunday," and the Civil Rights Act, you can visit the places where history happened with this app.

    In 2013 Birmingham commemorated the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Movement in the city. is the website with details of events that took place throughout the year.

    Follow in the footsteps of civil rights pioneers like Rosa Parks and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., as you experience Alabama's Civil Rights Trail. The trail has become a major international tourist destination and this app will help guide you along the trail with attractions, historic sites, insider tips, other sites to see along the trail related to black heritage, and places to eat and places to stay along the way. This app is meant to provide a basis for your trip and in no way does it tell the complete history of the Civil Rights Movement, that's what the tours and museums will help provide.

    President Barack Obama visited Selma when he was a senator and walked across Edmund Pettus Bridge with civil rights foot soldiers. He spoke to a crowd at the AME Church in Selma. "What happened in Selma and Birmingham stirred the conscience of the nation." - President Barack Obama

    "Alabama bears the scars of the civil rights era, and the monuments to that struggle inspire the courage to face new challenges." - The Washington Post

    Also in this app you will see entries for Memphis, Tn. where Dr. Martin Luther King was shot and Little Rock, Arkansas, where nine brave students took a stand for equality in public schools.

    For more information on Alabama's Civil Rights history visit Larry Bleiberg's website

    ★ About the Author ★

    The author, Edith Parten, is from Alabama and worked for the Alabama Tourism Department. Parten felt compelled to write about the Civil Rights Movement after experiencing the sites for herself. She attended the Bridge Crossing Jubilee in Selma in 2010 and has become interested in the history. She has some insider tidbits that she shares in the app. She hopes this is the first of many apps to come.

    A valuable source for this app was Alabama Tourism Department's Frances Smiley, who wrote the first Black Heritage Guide in the nation for the state of Alabama in the 1980s. Smiley won an award for the guide and it has become a tool for other states to follow. Smiley is a great resource for Black Heritage and Civil Rights.

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