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    Ascension Island offline map

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    Offline map of the remote Atlantic island of Ascension for tourist & business visitors. Download before you go and avoid expensive roaming charges ... if indeed there is service. The map runs completely on your device; display with pan and zoom, routing, search, bookmark, everything. It does not use your data connection at all. Switch your phone function off if you want to!

    No ads. All features fully functional on installation, you do not need to buy add-ons or do extra downloads.

    The map includes the entire island and is based on OpenStreetMap data, Transportation appears well mapped: roads, tracks, ferry, airport and we have provided height contours. But few buildings and, apart from the post office, you are completely on your own for places to stay, eating and other facilities. Well, the whole population is only about 880. You can help improve it by becoming an OpenStreetMap contributor. We periodically publish free updates with the latest data.

    The app includes a search function and a gazetteer of commonly needed items ... but there is not a lot in it.

    You can bookmark places like your hotel for easy return navigation using "My Places".

    You can show a route to any place for motor vehicle, foot or bicycle; even without a GPS device.
    Navigation will show you an indicative route and can be configured for car, bicycle or foot. The developers provide it without any guarantee that it is always correct. For example, it does not show turn restrictions - places where it is illegal to turn. Use with care and above all look out for and obey road signs.

    Like most small developers, we cannot test a wide variety of phones and tablets. If you have trouble running the application, do email us and we will try to help.

    System Requirements: A phone or tablet with a memory card and at least 1 MB free. GPS is useful but not required.