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    Published: 2013-02-20, by Mar GP.

    Tripadvisor's complete take on a city guide for Barcelona

    • Utter complete
    • Tons of places to go, eat and sleep
    • Self-guided tours made by users
    • If you are lazy traveler, you better pass

    "Barcelona in your hand"

    When you are an avid traveler and live in the current interconnected era, you just can't not having a guide app of the place you want to go and you must know what Tripadvisor is: one of the biggest website dedicated to travel recommendations and city guides which tons of reviews made by users of all over the world.

    Barcelona City Guide is no different from other Tripadvisor city apps where costumization is key and the design is friendly and dapper to the eyes. Apart from finding a complete list of the touristic resources and services avaliable in town (restaurants, hotels, attractions, shopping spots, nightlife, tours, suggested itineraries and cash machines), each of them with several reviews from users, you can plan and organise your whole trip either by saving your favourite places to go or keeping a useful trip journal via check-in that would help you loads when you want to share some special spot with your family and friends on Facebook or you simple want to remember it. Of course, if you want to learn more about Barcelona's history and culture you can read the background information included.

    Maps are a given here and you can visualise your previous saved places, checks-in and nearest metro stations. There are downloadable maps too. In addition the amount of search filters for each resource is simply massive so the most picky travelers don't have any reason to rant of. The built-in GPS of your device may come in handy to find out where a restaurant or attraction is from your current location. Every resource features a "Point-me-to-there!" button that gives you access to the specific route. As you can imagine, a big chunk of the fun relays on your data connection while your out in the city but even if you are a poor Wi-Fi user like me you can check-in offline and share later when you have got back at the hostel.

    In short, you won't miss a thing about Barcelona with this free, especially if you love planning your trip in advance.

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    Feb 20, 2013


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