Bedok City Guide

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    Be it local resident or visitor, touring around the uptown suburb of Singapore is the best way to appreciate life. That’s exactly what people visiting Bedok Town Centre will experience. Bedok City provides a glimpse of an archetypal satellite town.

    Bedok City comprises of well-maintained, high-rise apartments, surrounded by communal facilities such as cinemas, supermarkets, food outlets, department stores, sports facilities, and places of worship, community centers and a library. Shopping here is a must, and haggling can sometimes bring prices down. Think Bedok first when you shop!
    Take time to mingle with the townsfolk while savoring local delights in a casual, unpretentious atmosphere. The city is filled with diverse selection of food places, where you can connect with people, interact and have fun.

    The Features:

    • Get to know ABOUT the city
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    • Access to map is offline
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    • Taping on Categories will show the list of places on map
    • All in one search option
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    • Find emergency numbers on the GO - Hospital Travel, Taxi/Limousines, Police Station, and Fire Station

    Bedok City Guide is your complete city guide to shopping, dining, travel, and entertainment in Bedok.
    This place will make your trip a memorable one.