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    The Bellagio Hotels is not only famous for its casino but also for its Fountains who have been tempting visitors from all over the world. Located in the world famous Las Vegas Strip in Paradise, Nevada, this magnificent fountain has been dancing to choreographed tunes since it first opened in 1998 and is exactly in front of the Bellagio Hotel. The Fountain is noticeable from all points of neighboring streets. Set on 8.5 acre man-made lake, with more than 1200 nozzle pipes and 4500 lights, The Bellagio Fountains have been always one additional reason for anyone visiting Vegas. The performances begin every half an hour starting 3 pm until 8 pm and every 15 mins from 8 pm till midnight. As the show begins, the nozzles shatter the calm water surface with lights beautifully illuminating the complete picture filled with vibrant colors making it a must visit for every visitor to the famous Las Vegas.
    The Fountain of Bellagio Tour Guide by Guiddoo is a detailed and all-inclusive Audio-Visual Travel guide for those travelers who are planning to visit this iconic monument. It has all that a traveler would need & allows you to get up close & personal with this iconic monument through the interactive The Fountain of Bellagio Step by Step Travel Guide.
    Planning and reaching Las Vegas to visit The Fountain of Bellagio can be a difficult task to perform however The Fountain of Bellagio Tour Guide helps travelers do this with great ease by offering The Fountain of Bellagio Tickets, The Fountain of Bellagio Personal Tours and Packages, Hotels and Restaurants around The Fountain of Bellagio along with a lot of other useful information.
    What does it offer you?
    • Complete Interactive step-by-step tour guide
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    • Trivia and History for The Fountain of Bellagio
    • Image and Video Gallery
    • Tourist information like The Fountain of Bellagio Opening and Closing Times, Directions, Places of Interest like Hotels and Restaurants and a lot more.
    Know all about The Fountain of Bellagio even before you arrive at this place as well as use it as a travel tool while visiting Las Vegas. This quintessential Guiddoo The Fountain of Bellagio Tour Guide will prove to be your perfect partner when you visit this iconic monument in Las Vegas.
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