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    ★ The Only Guide to Demeter Certified Wines ★

    BIODYNAMIC® WINE FINDER is your ticket to discovering the wonderful world of Demeter certified wines.

    The first and only guide to Demeter certified wines in America, BIODYNAMIC WINE FINDER gives you all the details on 150+ wines from certified Biodynamic vineyards that meet Demeter's Biodynamic winemaking standards.

    Many of America's finest winemakers have embraced Biodynamics as a way to grow the best grapes possible, saying the resulting wines are most expressive of place. It is also one of the greenest wine standards in the world.

    Biodynamic wine certification assures consumers that the ingredients are certified Biodynamic grapes and that the winemaking has been done according to high standards.

    These wines range from bottles to enjoy everyday ($16-20) to some of America's finest Pinot Noirs, Rhone wines and Cabernets ($100+) - and more in the middle. More than a third of these wines are rated 90+ points by major wine critics.

    The app includes wines from 24 different wine regions (or "appellations") in the U.S. and lets you browse wines by varietal, price, region and more. You can find some of these wines in wine shops coast to coast; the app also lists hard-to-find microproduction wines.

    Improve your taste in wine - discover wines from Biodynamic winemakers with Biodynamic® Wine Finder.

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    ★ About the Author ★

    A specialist in organic and Biodynamically grown wines, Pam Strayer has tasted and toured her way through America's organic and Biodynamic vineyards and wineries - having a lot of fun and collecting hundreds of bottles along the way. A graduate of U. C. Berkeley's wine studies program, she has also studied at the North American Sommelier Association and U.C. Davis.

    She dreams of a day when no one will have to ask, "Is this wine organic (or Biodynamic)?" (Like the world was until about 1945.)

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