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    Many of California and Oregon's top vintners have converted to an eco-friendly way of growing wine grapes called Biodynamic®. Their vineyards are among the most beautiful in wine country - teeming with life - and many are known for the great wines they produce.

    What is Biodynamics and why are so many of our finest wineries switching to it? Come see for yourself. Visit any of the 38 wineries with organic and Biodynamic vineyards that are open to the public in this first (and only) guide to America's Biodynamic vineyards and vintners.

    With 26 wineries in California (including 19 in the northern part of the state) and 8 in Oregon, the options are vast. Explore a hidden Russian River gem in a redwood forest clearing that makes under the radar Pinot Noir or go for Napa glam in a historic stone winery with classy Cabernets. Take a personal vineyard tour with the hands-on manager who's in charge of the country's largest Biodynamic vineyard (in Napa) or spend a few days checking out the best Pinots in Oregon.

    The must-have guide to Biodynamic wine country, Biodynamic Wines & Vines has powerful filters to help you pinpoint the places to picnic or play bocce ball, wineries that have high scoring wines, or just which winery is closest to you now. Select wineries by cost, location, wine types, tasting fees. and more. Maps let you instantly see what your options are. The app is filled with thousands of photos, dozens of wine lists, the author's top picks, and more.

    So the next time you're planning to head to wine country (or just dreaming about it), hit the Biodynamic wine trail, with the one and only guide to the territory - Biodynamic Wines & Vines.

    ★ About the Author ★

    Pam Strayer has tasted and toured her way through America's organic and Biodynamic wineries - collecting hundreds of bottles along the way. A graduate of U. C. Berkeley wine studies program, she has also studied at the North American Sommelier Association and U.C. Davis. Find out more about Biodynamically grown wines in her other apps: Biodynamic® Wine Finder and Biodynamic® Vine Finder, which list the 275 wines made from Biodynamic vineyards in the U.S.

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