Boston Arts & Culture

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    ★ Entertainment of every kind in this town ★

    Perhaps the most historic city in the country, certainly one of the first, its founding citizens brought the arts esthetic with them from Europe (Boston Symphony Orchestra), (Museum of Fine Arts) and established them here.

    Boston still offers more choral groups (Cantata Singers) and early music (Boston Early Music Festival) than even the Big Apple, but that doesn't mean we're stodgy: note our diversity (Gospel Fest) and our love of the new (ICA) and fun (Improv Asylum)

    Writer Julie Hatfield adopted her home as Boston nearly 50 years ago, and fell in love with its choral groups (she sang with Broad Cove Chorale and Chorus pro Musica). While she travels the world as a reporter, with 22 years of experience at the Boston Globe, she misses Boston and its vast smorgasbord of arts after a week away from home.

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