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    Do you know that the Dohány Street Synagogue is the largest synagogue in Europe? Do you know where to have brunch in a boat restaurant next to the Chain Bridge or how to find the famous ruin pubs in the inner districts? Whether you are eager to wander the grounds and surrounds of Castle Hill with its churches, towers and statues, and the famous Fisherman’s Bastion with absolutely amazing views of the Danube River, take a bike ride on Margaret Island, or revive yourself one of the city's healing thermal baths our tailor-made tours guide you through the city.
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    Tours of Budapest:

    * The City and the Danube (1 hour, 2 km) A warm-up walk, a taster of the longer City Centre tours.
    * The Medieval and Baroque Town (2 hour, 2.5 A must if you are interested in Central European history.
    * Churches and Synagogues (2,5 hour, 3.5 km) A longer walk around the secrets of a Middle European city centre's past.
    * In the Shadow of City Palaces (2,5 hour, 3.5 km) A modern political and business centre housed in early 20th century palaces.
    * A Rock in the Middle of the City (2,5 hour, 3 km) Unforgettable panoramas of a metropolis with a little exertion.
    * Town Between Castle Hill and the Danube (3 hour, 5,5 km) The capital and the river: the Danube bridges and the riverside.
    * The Hungarian Champs Élysées (2 hour, 5,5 km) An easy walk for enthusiasts of conscious city planning.
    * Island of Lovers and Sport fans (2 hour, 2,5 km) A green island with a great past in the middle of town. You may also cycle the route.
    * Mental and Physical Relaxation in the Park (2 hour, 5km) A 100-year-old park to enjoy for modern man.
    * Follow the Kings (2 hour, 2.5 km) Glimpses of the city's three facades: the Castle, the riverside and the Centre.

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