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    Bump Travel Guides – The Ultimate Gay Travel Companion!

    Bump up the gay travel fun on your trip to Tel Aviv!

    The team behind Bump! TV has explored Tel Aviv’s fun-loving gay and lesbian scene from its friendly beaches to its late-night clubs and beyond. Now let the producers of the world’s most popular gay and lesbian travel program be your guide to what’s glamorous and what’s naughty—and everything in between— in Israel’s LGBT metropolis.

    The Bump! Travel Guide delivers a queer-eye-view of Tel Aviv, organized by category: Stay, Eat, Discover, Party, Shop, Play, Happenings and Newsstand. Many listings feature photos and video clips as seen on Bump! so you can see what fun is in store.


    • All listings are mapped and GPSed so you don’t get lost, no matter how distracted you get checking out local hotties
    • Listings can be immediately shared via social media or email
    • One-click phone numbers and email addresses allow you to contact establishments instantly
    • Excellent and experienced customer service is available by phone and email 24/7
    • With downloadable content, wireless service isn’t necessary to use the app’s main functions

    Use the Bump! Tel Aviv Travel Guide as a supplement to more straight-laced guides like Lonely Planet and Frommer’s or discover that it’s comprehensive enough to be your one and only travel companion.

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    Located on the far east of the Mediterranean, Tel Aviv’s postcards feature beautiful urban beaches full of beautiful people, as well as the sleek Bauhaus architecture that’s earned it the reputation of “the white city.” Exploring these two attractions are perfect ways to fill the daylight hours in the Israeli capital. But it’s during the night that the city’s boisterousness really takes center stage, in the many funky resto-bars and clubs where Tel Aviv’s queer heart beats. A kaleidoscope of monthly and weekly parties, as well as a good selection of megaclubs, keep the scene fresh and energetic. Although Hebrew is the language you’ll seen on signs, English is widely spoken and your ticket to meeting both locals and visitors from around the world. While the LGBT scene in nearby Jerusalem is more politicized, Tel Aviv has a hedonist streak that welcomes everyone who wants to let loose, especially during its Pride celebrations. With a well-established LGBT Center, an unparalleled arts scene and shopping options that range from artisanal to chic, visitors may have a hard time catching their breath.

    Where’s the best place for film buffs to stay? Which eatery has the best-looking wait staff? What museum spotlights famous Jewish (and gay) people like Andy Warhol? What’s the most fun you can have on a Monday? What’s the crusiest strip of the beach? The Bump! Tel Aviv Travel Guide has all the LGBT answers.

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